Intuitive Healing

For many years now when I have been working with clients, I have received information remotely about their life or health situation This information may come in the form of a thought, a voice or a vision which plays out like a movie clip. Where does this information come from you may ask? I believe It comes from divine guidance, angels, healing guides and other beneficial energy sources.

I sit with the person and from a deep meditative state I merge with their energy field. I share the information received if the person wishes to hear. I can sometimes get insights into past lives where the soul has existed on this earth or other places in the universe. This information is like the finding missing pieces in a jig-saw puzzle to complete a picture or in the client’s case to find the keys to healing. The whole process is a relaxing and very beneficial experience.


  • FREE 15 minute phone consultation
  • First Consultation : €90  (75 minutes )
  • Follow Up consultations : €80 (60 minutes)
  • Prescriptions extra if required
  • 24 hour cancellation fee is applicable.
  • Online sessions available